chapman-usa Mergers and Acquisitions in Information Technology

The information technology sector is experiencing a rapid growth in the value of M&A transactions. This is due to the accelerating adoption of cloud computing, mobile technology and artificial intelligence, which have created new opportunities for mergers and acquisitions. Chapman is a leading US law firm with industry-leading practices in asset securitization and structured finance, […]

Gramhir Review

Gramhir is a unique Instagram analyzer tool that allows you to study any Instagram profile anonymously. It also offers a backup option for exporting data. What is Gramhir? Gramhir is an Instagram analytics tool that allows users to track their competitors’ posts, as well as their own. It is a valuable tool for any Instagram […]

Atlantic | Responding To a Cybersecurity Event

Responding to a cybersecurity event involves addressing the incident in an organized manner. This is a process that includes an initial identification of the cybersecurity event, developing a security incident response plan, and addressing the aftermath. Fortunately, incident response can be done in a variety of ways to protect the integrity of an organization. Organized […]

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a software-based solution that combines multiple features to help manage a laboratory. These include the ability to automate workflows and processes, to integrate analytical instruments, and to facilitate auditing. In addition, a LIMS can help monitor the health of analytical instruments. LIMS automates workflows A LIMS is a […]