Kylee martelli obituary

Kylee Martelli Obituary

Kylee martelli obituary was a bright student who had big ambitions. She wanted to get a life-long education and become a teacher.

Her family is in mourning. They are searching for answers to her death.

Fortunately, her friends and co-students are sharing their memories of her on social media. They describe her as a bright student who was active in the college community.

Who is kylee martelli?

Who is kylee martelli?

Kylee Martelli was an older learner at Grove City Institution in Pennsylvania. Kylee martelli obituary was known to be a bright student and had big ambitions in life.

Kylee martelli obituary had a desire to work in public policy.

In which college Kylee Martelli Graduating?

Kylee Martelli was a senior student who was three weeks away from graduating from Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Her friends are in mourning and she will be remembered by her classmates.

What Happend with kylee martelli?

Kylee martelli was a high-ranking schoolgirl at Grove City College. She was a bright and cheerful young girl with many ambitions in life.

She was planning to become a great teacher and coach one day. Kylee martelli obituary grove city pahoped to work in public policy and make a difference in people’s lives.

kylee martelli obituary Upset Everyone

Her tragic demise has shocked everyone. Her family and friends are devastated.

Her family is reportedly asking for donations in her name to help pay for her funeral. They also have a GoFundMe account.

What was the reason of kylee martelli obituary?

What was the reason of kylee martelli obituary?

The news of Kylee Martelli obituary has created uproar online. Her death was unexpected and her friends and classmates are devastated by it.

The cause of her death is still unknown, but it seems like she was killed by suicide. Her family has been posting a lot on social media and they are hoping to find out the reason for her death.


But Kylee martelli obituary dreams were tragically shattered. Her friends and classmates are still in shock, and they hope that someone will reveal the cause of her death soon.

Kylee martelli obituary was only three weeks away from graduating and her dreams were shattered in an instant. Her family is grieving, and they want to know what happened to her so that they can find closure.

Lot of people donating kylee martelli obituary Family

In the wake of her death, a lot of people have come together to help her family. They are donating to the family’s GoFundMe account, which will be used to pay for her funeral expenses.

Her friends have also started a tribute page for her on Facebook. They are sharing memories of her life and hoping that she will be remembered by everyone.

Where is kylee martelli obituary copeland funeral home?

Kylee martelli passed away peacefully with her family by her side on October 24, 2022 in Moon Township, PA.

Kylee martelli obituary Family Members

Kylee martelli obituary copeland funeral home is survived by her loving father, Michael Martinelli; devoted mother, Barbara Martelli; brother, Michael (Karen) Martinelli; sister, Kristen (Steve) Eye; step-son, Brian Maw; granddaughter, Amy Krika; grandson, Robbie Eye; son-in-law, Steven Maw; and her beloved dog, Cooper.

She is also survived by her nieces, Kirt Eye and Jennifer Maw; nephews, Brandon Maw and Jason Eye; aunts, Nancy Webster, Sharon Butter (David), Carol Gracy (Scott), Jeanne Peckich (Phil) and Donna Sciulli; and many cousins.

Her life was dedicated to serving God and her community through the ministry of Prince of Peace Church, her Tri-Zeta Sorority, the Grove City College Bookstore, Footprints in the Sand Day Care and many others she met along the way.

kylee martelli obituary was a future educator and her passion was to serve children. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Messages of condolence may be sent to the family by visiting her obituary on this website.


Kylee martelli obituary was a promising young woman who had big dreams for her future. Her death was a travesty, and her family will undoubtedly be in mourning for a long time to come.

The news of kylee martelli obituary death has spread a lot through social media, and many people have been praying for her soul. Hopefully, she will be found and brought to peace soon. Her family is still in shock over her passing, and it is important for them to get the support they need.

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