Botzees Toddler Coding Train Set

Botzees Toddler Coding Train Set

Botzees Toddler – Coding Train Set is an early coding toy that teaches kids to problem solve, develop critical thinking and collaboration skills. The colorful train and theme park are a great place to start for kids to intuitively explore early coding concepts like sequencing, looping and conditional coding.

This toy comes with uniquely shaped building blocks, 30 interactive augmented reality puzzles to teach fundamental coding concepts and 6 pre-designed robots. It also includes a free app that explains how to build.

VTech Kidizoom Train Set

Botzees Toddler – Coding Train Set is a great way for kids to learn early coding concepts and explore their creativity. With the help of a smartphone app, kids can create their own digital world that the Botzees bot will roam and explore.

This VTech Kidizoom Train Set comes with all the necessary accessories for a complete train setup. It includes a motorized engine car, tracks, infrastructure, figures and more for an affordable price.

Using SmartPoint technology, these trains play music and phrases in different languages when they cross over designated spots on the track. It’s a fun way to teach kids cause and effect, an important skill they’ll need to know as they grow up.

Brio Mickey Train Set

Designed for little hands the Brio 32265 Mickey Mouse battery powered train and travel wagon is the perfect way to acquaint your pre-schooler with their favourite Disney character. With a whopping 33 pieces in the box this is one railway set that will last for many hours of play. Adding to the excitement are the many magnetic end connectors that will delight the youngest among you. Those with a knack for coding will be able to display their skills at the touch of a button. Those not so tech savvy can be left to the dust as this train is also a cinch to put away for the night or when the children have snoozed for the night.

Power Wheels Thomas & Friends Train

A favorite of toddlers, this power-driven ride-on Thomas & Friends train will keep them busy for hours. Featuring fun Thomas styling with phrases and sounds, this toy is easy to control and comes with an included track that lets little ones start riding (and racing) right out of the box.

This battery-powered toy is extremely safe for little ones, with a maximum speed of 1 mph on the track and up to 2 mph off it. It also has a generously large battery that can last for many hours.

LEGO City Railway Set

The LEGO City Railway Set is a perfect gift for kids who love to play with trains. It comes with a remote-controlled bullet locomotive with working, dimmable headlights and LEGO Powered Up technology. It also features a restaurant car, passenger coach and 24 track pieces.

This train toy is designed for kids 7+ years old and it comes with an easy-to-follow building guide. It’s the perfect way to teach kids how to build and program a train.

LEGO Powered Up Thomas & Friends Train Set

With a remote control and a smartphone app, this LEGO Powered Up Thomas & Friends Train Set is perfect for your little one. The push-and-go motor allows your kid to send Thomas forwards and backwards, and the’smart’ tunnels let you play with your own train sounds.

This train set has a lot of pieces, but it’s easy to put together and build. It also comes with lots of accessories, like a dining car, passenger car and station platform.

LEGO City Freight Train Set

The Botzees Toddler – Coding Train Set is an excellent way for preschoolers to explore early coding concepts. This highly versatile product comes with a push-and-go car, color coding pieces, and theme park pieces that allow children to make connections and intuitively explore early coding concepts like sequencing, looping, and conditional coding.

This remote-controlled train set features an authentic locomotive with LEGO Powered Up technology, a flatcar with 2 containers, an open wagon, a double deck auto carrier and 33 track pieces. Add the reach stacker, 2 toy EVs, cargo and 6 minifigures for an epic build-and-play experience.

LEGO City Magnetic Railway Set

If you’re looking for a train set that will last your child a long time, consider the LEGO City Magnetic Railway Set. This train is compatible with other train sets and features magnetic tracks that can be connected together in multiple ways.

This train features an interactive red button that your child can press to record train sounds or voice announcements. They can also play these recordings whenever their train goes through 1 of the’smart’ tunnels.

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