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5 best Barcode Scanners 2023

Depending on your budget and needs, there are various types of barcode scanners available. There are 2D scanners, imager barcode scanners, and even laser barcode scanners.

Laser Barcode Scanners

Originally created in the mid 1970s, laser barcode scanners have been an important part of material handling applications. Using a laser beam, these scanners are able to decode both one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. They are a reliable technology that is also easy to use and less expensive than other digital imagers. These scanners are ideal for self-service shopping applications, as well as applications that require motion tolerance.

While the laser beam is very bright, some people may find it uncomfortable to look directly at it. In addition, people with certain health conditions may experience discomfort or temporary impairment of their vision. The flashing beam can also cause dizziness in people with seizure disorders. Children may also have trouble turning their heads away from it.

Laser barcode scanners have a wide range of applications, from retail to manufacturing to healthcare. They are commonly used to track inventory and to provide fast customer service. They are used in both fixed-mount and hand-held models.

CCD Charge Coupled Device Barcode Scanners

Using the technology of imaging CCD, CCD Charge Coupled Device Barcode Scanners can read high resolution details. They have a fast scan speed and are well suited to point of sale applications. However, their scan range is limited and they are not ideal for scanning longer barcodes.

CCD scanners are similar to digital cameras. They use hundreds of tiny LED lights to create a digital image of the barcode. They are very fast at scanning and can read smaller barcodes than laser scanners. CCD scanners are also less expensive than laser scanners. They are also more rugged than laser scanners. They are great for quick hands-free scanning.

CCD scanners have no moving parts, making them more durable than laser scanners. They can handle challenging environments such as warehouses and factories. They can also be used to read barcodes from a distance.

Imager Barcode Scanners or Camera-Based Scanners

Using an imager barcode scanner, you can decode barcodes from a distance. Imagers are a type of scanner that has a camera-based internal mechanism that captures images of the barcode. This allows the barcode to be read in a variety of symbologies, from low-quality 1D barcodes to high-resolution 2D barcodes.

Unlike laser-based barcode scanners, imagers use a decoding algorithm to locate and decode the barcode. This algorithm allows the scanner to decode the data even when only part of the barcode is reflected back to the scanner.

Imagers are generally faster than laser scanners. This can help to speed up processes and make them more efficient. This is especially important in distribution centers and warehouse .

2D Scanners

Compared to traditional linear barcodes, 2D barcodes store more information. This makes them ideal for companies that need more data. This type of code can be encoded with images, binary data, or website addresses. They can also be used for mobile marketing and asset tracking.

2D barcodes can be read from any angle. This makes them ideal for inventory management. These scanners are also available in both cordless and corded models. They can also be used for general purpose point of sale applications. They are also a great choice for rugged warehouse environments.

A 2D barcode imager reduces the risk of fraud in shipping and delivery. They can also speed up delivery workflows. They are also a good way to capture signatures.

The RT600 is a high resolution 2D barcode reader. It can read codes from the screen of a mobile phone or from paper.

Pen-type or Wand-type Readers

Basically, a pen-type or wand-type barcode reader works by scanning a barcode image carried by an object. The barcode image is then processed and decoded.

Pen-type barcode readers consist of a photodiode, a light source device, and a light diffusion device. The light source device provides a steady light source for reading the barcode image. The light diffusion device reduces the intensity of the light beams toward the barcode. The photodiode measures the light intensity and reflects it back to a circuit resulting in an electrical signal. The intensity of the light reflected back to the circuit determines the width and color of the bar.

Wand-type barcode readers use a red LED light to read a barcode. The red LED light is focused through a lens. The intensity of the light is tracked by the scanner, and then processed to decode the barcode information.

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