VirtuSense Products for Healthcare

VirtuSense has been in the business of creating medical devices and software to enhance the healthcare experience. Whether you are in the hospital or home, you can count on one of their products. VirtuSense is HIPAA compliant, and all of their products are certified for use in healthcare. Their products include VSTAlert Bedside Alerting for Post-acute patients, and VSTBalance Fall Risk Assessments.

All VirtuSense products are HIPAA compliant

VirtuSense Technologies has developed a suite of software products for health care providers that use AI and data to provide actionable insights that physicians, caregivers and families can use to make informed decisions about their patients’ care. This includes products such as VSTAlert and VirtuSense Sensing.

The HIPAA rules were created to protect individuals’ health information. They include rules about who can access PHI records and how that information may be used. These rules are also known as privacy protections. These regulations are mandatory for any entity that handles healthcare data. They must also find secure methods of making decisions based on PHI data.

To be HIPAA compliant, applications that process PHI must use secure communication channels. This means using encryption algorithms that comply with the HIPAA rules. In addition, apps must use proper authentication mechanisms. For example, SQL servers can use trigger functionality to audit user access to their data. NoSQL databases, on the other hand, must have a custom solution for auditing.

VSTAlert Bedside Alerting in Post-acute

The VSTAlert bedside alerting system is designed to detect a patient’s intention to leave the bed or chair and send an alert to the appropriate staff. It is a device that has been optimized for skilled nursing environments. It is designed to provide alerts in less than a second and communicates with staff via a smart phone. It is designed to prevent frequent false alarms, which can cause unnecessary stress and disturb staff.

The system’s AI sensors, trained with millions of hours of data, are able to detect intent to exit a bed with 99% accuracy. They then route alerts to a central console or designated smartphones. When patients are at risk of falling out of bed, the system sends an alert 30 to 65 seconds before an actual exit. The alerts are so accurate that nurses are no longer responding to false alarms.

VSTBalance Fall Risk Assessments

The VSTBalance fall risk assessment system is a software that tracks 26 joints of the body in real-time 3D. It is designed to identify fall-risk areas and provide recommendations for fall prevention. The software also provides reports to care professionals, enabling them to better plan care. It is easy to use and accommodates residents in wheelchairs and mobility devices.

VSTBalance uses machine vision and artificial intelligence to determine fall risks in older adults. The resulting data is then compared to population norms to predict fall risks. The system can identify a wide variety of gait, balance, and function deficiencies, as well as predict risk of falls for a 12-month period.

VSTOne Real Time Monitoring in Acute

The VSTOne Real Time Monitoring in Acute care solution is a powerful tool to help healthcare facilities monitor their patients in real time. Its integrated platform includes two solutions that can be used individually or in combination. The Total Patient Tracker provides real-time data and alerts based on patient risk, diagnosis, and outcomes. It also helps users manage patients and communicate with patients to ensure quality patient care.

VSTOne utilizes IoT, machine vision, and artificial intelligence to monitor high-risk resident rooms. By detecting and reporting abnormalities, the system alerts the attending nurse or attending associate via two-way video. The data and analytics support early intervention and improve resident outcomes.

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