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VerifyMe works with brands, corporate security experts, and other professionals to create authentication and engagement solutions that protect brands and grow businesses. Its mission is to protect the brand and grow businesses by empowering brands and consumers to trust their transactions. VerifyMe is an innovative company that works with many partners to build customized authentication and engagement solutions for businesses and brands. In order to achieve its goal of expanding and attracting customers and investors, VerifyMe decided to revamp its web presence. To accomplish this goal, they worked with several agencies to update their outdated web presence. The web presence had to incorporate various branding and messaging components.

VerifyMe tamper-evident packaging

Tamper-evident packaging protects your brand during shipping and handling, and also prevents consumers from opening the packaging and contaminating the product. Its benefits include increased consumer confidence and brand loyalty. Consumers typically avoid products with broken seals, so having your products shipped in tamper-evident packaging will ensure that they are safe to buy.

  • This innovative packaging also protects your brand against theft. By displaying a visible seal, VerifyMe tamper-evident packaging will deter thieves from stealing your products. Your customers will be more likely to purchase products containing tamper-evident seals. Furthermore, your products will look more aesthetically pleasing to customers.
  • Tamper-evident packaging will help prevent theft, counterfeiting, and other forms of fraud. It makes it impossible for thieves to repackage products if they’re open. In addition, VerifyMe tamper-evident packaging can help protect your brand from fraudulent sales and protect your brand from consumer complaints.
  • While many packaging suppliers already have serialization in place, you may not know which features your products need to protect yourself. For example, you might already use tamper-evident inks on your packaging. These inks and toners help to prevent tampering by leaving a visible mark of tamper-evident authenticity on your products.
  • Tamper-evident packaging is essential to protect your brand. Counterfeiting negatively impacts the reputation of your brand, supply chain security, and profitability. In response to this growing problem, VerifyMe has partnered with INX International to provide cutting-edge security solutions. Using security inks and other security measures, VerifyMe tamper-proof packaging helps you protect your brand reputation.
  • Tamper-evident packaging protects your brand by providing assurance that your product or brand won’t be tampered with. Tamper-evident packaging is also an effective solution for no-contact delivery. Its foldable seal prevents tampering during transit and maximizes product safety.


VerifyMe cloud-based authentication software

VerifyMe cloud-based authentication software helps you keep your brand safe by integrating with mobile web experiences. With the integrated solutions, brands can engage with consumers on their terms and instantly access product information, customer support, and more. The company is committed to brand protection and sustainable growth, and works with brands to protect their reputation and build stronger consumer relationships.

biometric verification, counterfeit prevention, & trace-and-trace solutions

The company’s portfolio of products provides multi-factor biometric verification, counterfeit prevention, and trace-and-trace solutions for businesses. One such product is VeriPAS, which allows consumers to verify product authenticity with their smartphones and allows brand owners to track the authenticity of their products.


Using the VerifyMe system is a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution that ensures the authenticity of your brand. The technology helps protect your brand by making counterfeiting impossible. It uses a system of invisible QR codes, which means that counterfeiters can’t easily erase or modify them. Its unique code matches with a second unique number in the cloud. The smart phone can then scan the QR code and authenticate the item.

Visible & Invisible Authentication

VerifyMe’s technology protects brands by offering visible and invisible authentication as well as supply chain visibility, track & trace capabilities, and business intelligence. Counterfeiting can cost a brand revenue, hurt its reputation, and even endanger consumer safety. The technology offers multiple levels of protection for a brand, including invisible pigments and inks that are embedded into the product at point-of-use.

Authentic & avoid fake listings

Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, counterfeiters still manage to get around authentication. It is therefore important to protect your brand from this growing problem. For example, Amazon is a major marketplace for counterfeit goods. Amazon uses VerifyMe’s technology to make its products appear more authentic and avoid fake listings.

VerifyMe Online

VerifyMe Online provides a single, comprehensive platform for brand protection. The platform offers visible and invisible authentication, as well as supply chain visibility, track & trace capabilities, and business intelligence. The goal of the platform is to prevent counterfeiting, which damages brand revenue and reputation, and threatens consumer safety. VerifyMe uses multiple levels of authentication, from tamper-resistant labels that are easily removed to ultra-secure invisible inks and pigments embedded directly into the product at the point of manufacture.

Brand protection & customer engagement solutions

VerifyMe provides comprehensive brand protection and customer engagement solutions through an integrated platform that combines intelligent track and trace with highly-secure product authentication. Moreover, its technology solutions are complemented with tailor-made communication strategies and industry-leading online retail monitoring capabilities. These solutions provide a single solution for all brands.

Customer Truest

The solution combines authentication software with smart packaging experiences. This empowers brand owners to engage with consumers and make sure their product reaches the right market and place. In addition to enhancing brand protection, VerifyMe Track & Trace helps brand owners monitor their supply chain and identify listings that are infringing their trademarks.

VerifyMe’s new partnership with Corsearch will offer a wide range of brand protection services to help brands protect their brands. By integrating their solutions, VerifyMe is able to help companies combat counterfeiters in the digital age. This partnership will help VerifyMe launch its new digital service. Additionally, it will enable brand owners to remove counterfeit websites and products from the Internet.


QoreID for verifyme is a data infrastructure that enables companies to validate information about their customers. Today, many medium-to-large-scale companies spend significant time and resources approving customers and verifying their information. This process slows down their business development efforts and increases the risk of insider fraud.

QoreID has a focus on developing and delivering innovative fintech products that help organizations grow in emerging markets. The company aims to improve customer acquisition processes and make the entire process more efficient. Furthermore, they want to promote best compliance and security practices. This is the driving force behind the company’s expansion across Africa.

According to Esigie Aguele, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of VerifyMe, QoreID will transform organizations in Africa and drive progress in key markets. The technology will help organizations secure their clients in a faster, cheaper and efficient manner. With the help of worldwide best practices, QoreID will make transactions less susceptible to fraud and will make the digital and e-Commerce sectors more secure.

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