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Venly is a decentralized platform that offers app developers and users the ability to integrate with several blockchains while providing a seamless experience. The platform supports both web3 and mobile devices and offers a range of products to help users interact with their blockchain wallets. Users can use these products to create different asset types, execute smart contracts, and more with an intuitive user interface. They can access these products via a client id and shared secret. The client id also contains a Bearer token that can be used to call different endpoints.

Venly Wallet

Venly Wallet is a crypto-currency wallet that supports over ten blockchains and provides anonymity. It is a highly popular wallet with over 200K users. Its developers use ethical hackers to test the security of the wallet. The company also offers a widget integration solution so that it can integrate with other dApps and interact with other digital items. Its API allows clients to customize various metrics and prices.

The Venly Wallet can be used to store, manage, and send various types of digital assets, including Bitcoin. The wallet supports several cryptocurrencies and provides easy access to dapps. Its multi-chain functionality makes it a useful tool for gaming studios, e-commerce brands, and others. The company has raised $23 million in Series A funding. It currently employs 36 people full-time. It is planning to hire more people in the coming months.

Venly Market

Venly is a blockchain-based marketplace that enables users to purchase and sell digital goods and services. The Venly marketplace is available on desktop, mobile, and web browsers. The platform supports various cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Bitcoin. Its integrated API lets users adjust prices and other metrics. Users can also integrate Venly into their existing website or app.

The Venly marketplace has several key features that can help developers build their projects. Among them are comprehensive asset management, mining tools, and a marketplace. Additionally, Venly provides tools to help webshop plugins and Unity applications scale. These tools are built with a flexible and configurable API and feature a global infrastructure. In addition, the platform provides opportunities for minting, storing, and distributing NFTs.

Immutable X

Venly, the leading blockchain innovation service, has announced its partnership with Immutable X, Ethereum’s leading Layer 2 scaling option. With this partnership, Immutable X will be able to onboard users quickly through the Venly wallet and utilize the Venly market for their services. The collaboration will allow both companies to leverage each other’s extensive experience in industrialized tech networks and the Ethereum community.

Immutable X has developed a layer-two network that enables liquidity on a large scale without compromising security and integrity of the Ethereum Blockchain. It is built using StarkWaare technology, which enables massive scalability with up to 9,000 transactions per second. In addition, Immutable X offers a great user experience.


Twilio and Venly have both been affected by recent hacks. In the case of the latter, the attackers used fake Twilio sign-in pages to lure victims into handing over their account credentials. The attackers then matched the phone numbers of employees to corresponding usernames to access limited amounts of account data. Twilio has since notified its customers of the problem.

Venly is a popular social networking application for mobile phones. It allows users to send messages, share files, and view customer profiles. The platform also provides real-time analytics. Businesses that want to reach more customers through social media channels can use the service to communicate with customers and prospects.


With a comprehensive Io API and quickstart examples, Venly provides developers with a complete set of tools for building their own apps. Consumer support is also included. A Venly account provides a user with complete transparency about their assets. The Venly inventory allows for valuable insights into how these assets are being used.

Its secure platform allows for multi-factor authentication. The Venly API is designed to be scalable and customizable. It also supports integration with third-party services. Developers can integrate the platform into their applications to create the market of their choice.


If you want to make your blockchain application more secure, you should look into Venly’s Wallet API. This API lets you create a wallet and offload key management and security concerns to Venly. Its features include advanced contract calls, user authentication, and complete control over the UI.

The Venly Wallet provides true item ownership on the blockchain. This makes it easy to create a secure marketplace for your digital assets. It is available on desktops, mobiles, and web browsers. You can even integrate a widget into your app. Venly provides comprehensive documentation for developers and handles many of the difficult tasks for them. It also offers security, item scarcity, and countless benefits to its users. In addition, Venly’s Unity SDK provides developers with the tools they need to create a secure and seamless experience for users.

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