Soccer Betting 101

Soccer Betting 101

If you are looking to start soccer betting 101 , there are some important things you should know first. Soccer is a complex game, with many different outcomes. A soccer betting 101 guide will help you better understand how the game works and what you should look for in a match. These guides also cover some of the more popular betting types, such as the Pre-match market and the Three-way moneyline.

Pre-match betting is the most popular form of soccer betting

Soccer is one of the most popular sports to bet on, and it is also one of the easiest to understand. Soccer betting involves placing bets on teams to win or lose and the odds on the outcome are often close to -110. You can also place a bet on how many goals will be scored in a match. There are two common kinds of goal line betting, which are known as ‘over’ and ‘under’ betting.

Another form of soccer betting is point spread betting. In this type of bet, the better team is expected to win by a specified margin. The better team is assigned a number of points and the underdog team must win by the same number of points to cover the spread. Point spreads are a good way for sportsbooks to level the playing field and attract action on both sides of the wager.

Three-way moneyline

A three-way moneyline in soccer betting is a type of bet in which you have the option of picking one of three outcomes of a match. This type of bet is similar to betting on a football game, but it has one major difference. A three-way moneyline pays out if a team wins during regulation time and loses if it does not. This type of bet also has another name, Draw-No-Bet, which is pretty self-explanatory.

This type of bet is commonly used in soccer and hockey, where it is more likely to result in a tie than a win. In soccer, this type of bet is most popular because of the lower scoring nature of the game. As a result, this bet has a higher payout potential. When choosing a three-way moneyline bet, make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the sportsbook you’re betting with.

Double chance

A double chance in soccer betting is the process of placing a wager on two different outcomes of a soccer game. This strategy is especially useful when both teams are evenly matched, or when the score is unknown. It can tilt the odds in a bettor’s favor and reduces the risk of losing the bet. However, it does come with a lower payout than a typical three-way market.

When using the double chance strategy, one must consider the odds and the type of bet. It is usually low risk, because it covers two different options with one bet. A double chance strategy involves backing a team that is the favorite and backing another team that is the underdog. Double chance betting is not only low risk, but it also helps build your bankroll gradually.

Asian handicap

If you are looking for a way to win in soccer betting, you may want to consider betting on games with an Asian Handicap. This betting method requires analysis of team and individual stats. It also takes into account the rotation in today’s game. Most teams have as many as twenty players on their roster. This allows you to bet on teams that may not have their best players.

Asian handicap betting works in a similar way to the point spread in basketball, hockey, and baseball. Though, it announces portions of goals to the spread. If you bet +1.25 on a team, the odds are that the team will lose by a goal, push the bet, or win by a goal.


Over/under soccer betting works a little differently than most sports . Instead of betting on the total number of goals scored by a team, you will be betting on the total number of goals scored by both teams in a game. Usually, the over/under is set at 2.5 goals. If the game is low scoring, you can bet on an Under 2.75 or an Under 3 bet.

Over/under betting is one of the safest ways to bet on a soccer game. In general, soccer games do not have a set total goal total. The bookmakers simply set a number in the “over/under” category, and bettors have to guess within that range. Winning soccer bets are not profitable in the long run.

Point spread

Point spreads in soccer betting are a growing part of the sports betting industry. These spreads are odds for both the underdog and favorite teams to win the game. The underdog team has to cover the point spread to win the game, and the favorite must keep the game close. While the concept is simple, if you’re not familiar with point spreads, you might be making a mistake.

In addition to the point spread, soccer betting sites also offer a money line. This line is the number of goals expected to be scored by the two teams. In this scenario, the underdog team has a higher probability of winning than the favorite. For example, if the bookies give a Barcelona -1.5 points, a bet on Manchester -1.5 would net you $400.


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Sites to place bets

There are many sites available that cater to the needs of soccer bettors. These sites accept bets from people all over the world and many languages are supported. They offer soccer odds on the top leagues worldwide, including the US/Canadian leagues, Major League Soccer and La Liga. You can also place bets on leagues in Latin America, including Liga MX. The best sites offer odds on top matches.

Some of the most popular soccer bets include goal-line and three-way moneylines. You can bet on the no of assists, shots and head-to-head matchups. A soccer betting site will also offer you a welcome bonus that will help you start betting with a smaller bankroll.

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