Partnerize could be the right choice for your needs

Partnerize is a global solutions provider for affiliate marketing. It offers automated discovery, recruitment, activation, and success measurement of your partner ecosystem. It also facilitates payments in over 60 currencies, and has a flexible pricing model. If you’re looking to start or grow your affiliate marketing business, Partnerize could be the right choice for your needs.

Global solutions provider for affiliate marketing

Partnerize is a global solutions provider for the affiliate marketing industry, offering a full-service solution in program management, brand discovery, and payments. The Partnerize platform is available in over 60 different languages, making it easy to manage your program from any location. Partnerize also issues payments to partners on a daily basis, and payments are typically received within 24 hours of authorisation.

End-To-End Partnership Management Solutions

Partnerize powers growth by offering end-to-end partnership management solutions and comprehensive services for marketers. It is a platform that allows any company to launch and scale a partnership marketing program. Its AI-powered partnership management solutions are designed to help marketers achieve their long-term business goals.

Automates discovery, recruitment, activation & success measurement partner ecosystem

Partnerize helps the world’s leading brands build and manage powerful business partnerships. Its SaaS-based solution automates the discovery, recruitment, activation and success measurement of partner channels and is backed by top-tier investors. Partnerize’s comprehensive reporting and visualization capabilities make partner ecosystem data easily digestible. With Partnerize, you can see the ROI of your partner marketing programs and know how to make improvements in the future.

Partnerize’s Discover module helps marketers find the right partners through personalized recommendations and automated partner discovery. The system has a global network of over 750,000 partners and influencers. Its branded onboarding experience enables brands to quickly invite partners and accelerate revenue activation.

Facilitates Payments in 60 Different Currencies

Partnerize is a powerful tool for global payments, brand discovery, and hassle-free invoicing. The solution supports payments in 60 different currencies and offers a simple, automated process that streamlines payments. Partnerize issues payments on a daily basis, and most transactions are completed within 24 hours of authorization.

The combined business serves more than 1,750 brands and 750,000 partners in 218 countries. It is used by brands and partners to make global payments in over $60 billion dollars per year. The platform combines advanced tracking capabilities and data-driven intelligence to help partners grow and achieve success. It is available in 60 different currencies and supports payments in 215 countries. Depending on the brand, it may not be available in all countries or currencies.

Offers Flexible Pricing Model

Partnerize’s flexible pricing model allows advertisers to choose the exact amount of commission they want to pay their partners based on the specifics of their business. This allows them to maximize the effectiveness of their affiliate marketing programs and achieve material growth. Partnerize’s software has been designed to offer a simple, intuitive interface that is easy to use.

Its platform is flexible enough to support most types of online marketing programs, including D2C, subscription and entertainment. Its integrated technologies can help any brand launch, optimize, and scale its partnership marketing program. Its robust suite of products and services includes anti-fraud and brand protection, commerce solutions, content solutions, and tag management systems.

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Offices In 218 Countries And Territories

Partnerize is a global partner network that helps world-class brands build powerful business partnerships and drive extraordinary business growth. Its Partner Automation Platform (PAP) is an end-to-end SaaS solution that analyzes and predicts partner marketing program results. Its real-time technology powers hundreds of global brands’ partner marketing programs, and manages more than $6 billion in financial exchanges annually.

Partnerize is an international partner management network with offices in over 220 countries and territories, allowing it to support affiliates from any country in the world. The company supports over 60 different currencies, allowing it to offer a global solution for international partner management. Its recent acquisition of BrandVerity will complement the firm’s portfolio of affiliate marketing technologies and services.

backed by Accel-KKR

Accel-KKR is a private equity firm with more than $14 billion in assets under management. It invests in middle-market software and technology-enabled services businesses. Its portfolio includes growth investments, buyouts, divisional carveouts, and going-private transactions. The firm has offices in Menlo Park, California, Atlanta, and Mexico City.

The company has raised $50 million in its latest funding round led by Accel-KKR. This investment will help Partnerize accelerate the innovation of its AI-powered partner automation platform. It will also support regional go-to-market initiatives.

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