NonPareil institute

NonPareil Institute for Adults With Autism

NonPareil institute is a post-secondary education that provides digital technology training to adults with autism. The institute is governed by a board of directors and offers a variety of courses and programs. It is a 501(c)(3) organization. You can learn more about the institute and its programs by visiting nonPareil.

NonPareil Institute delivering digital technology training to adults with autism

The nonPareil Institute, based in Texas, has been helping adults with autism develop a new skill – digital technology. The non-profit has trained over 200 adult students over the past eight years. It offers both self-paced and small group training options. It provides a safe and nurturing environment for students to develop skills in technology, competitive work skills, leadership, and communication. It also helps students improve their self-esteem by promoting acceptance and dignity in the workplace.

Technical side and a social/life skills

The mission of the nonPareil Institute is to help individuals with autism build better lives. The institute staff is passionate about creating new opportunities for adults with autism and helping them live more fulfilling lives. The program has two components: a technical side and a social/life skills side. Students with autism are taught to collaborate and work in teams, and are also taught social skills.

Adult learners to develop non-technical skills

The institute also aims to increase the number of adults with autism that can benefit from its training. It is working on expanding its Lifespark program, which will focus on adults who have not completed high school. The program will also help teach adult learners to develop non-technical skills. The course, titled ESSENTIALS, will focus on communication, basic technology, safety, and relationship-building.

NonPareil is governed by a board of directors

The NonPareil Institute started in summer 2009 in Selec’s kitchen, where he taught adults with autism. Soon, the institute was approved as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a $250,000 gift was received. After the grant, Selec and Moore met Dr. Peter Raad, the founder of Southern Methodist University Guildhall, who offered the nonPareil a space on the university’s Plano campus. That year, nonPareil’s first training center opened with eight students. The nonPareil name comes from the French word non-pareil, which means “no parallel,” and is meant to represent the students’ uniqueness.

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IT certification and general technical training

The NonPareil Institute teaches adults with autism the skills needed to enter the workforce. The organization has received national press attention for its innovative model of adult education. It offers IT certification and general technical training, and partners with local companies to provide internships and employment opportunities for students.

NonPareil offers a variety of programs

The nonPareil Institute offers a range of programs to individuals and organizations with autism. Founded in Plano, Texas, the nonPareil organization now has more than 150 staff members and facilities in Austin, Houston, and Orlando. The nonPareil Institute has a particular focus on technology and the synergy between autism and technology.

The nonPareil Institute provides a supportive and nurturing environment, encouraging students to explore their passions, discover their purpose, and develop professional and teamwork skills. Moreover, the nonPareil community celebrates individual differences and builds on them. Students have the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals on the campus and become leaders in the community.

The nonPareil Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping adults with autism pursue their educational goals. The institute provides technical training in digital arts, as well as soft skills development. It also works with employers to provide internships and employment opportunities.


The NonPareil Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, began teaching adults with autism in Selec’s kitchen in summer 2009. The following year, Nonpareil received a $250,000 donation to open its first training center. After the first class, Selec and Moore met with Dr. Peter Raad, founder of the Guildhall at Southern Methodist University, and they were offered space on the SMU campus in Plano, Texas. Soon after, nonPareil opened its first training center for eight students. The name nonPareil is a French word for “no parallel,” and it refers to the uniqueness of its students.

Students benefit from the program’s empathetic environment and growth-focused approach, where each person is encouraged to recognize his or her strengths and celebrate differences. For many of the students, the nonPareil environment is a godsend. They feel valued, safe, and nurtured.

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