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Blue Halo provides a warranty for its products. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, which vary depending on your state. In some cases, you may also have other legal rights. If you purchase a product that is defective, you can return it for a replacement or refund. In other cases, Blue Halo will replace a defective product with a new one. However, the replacement product will likely differ in color from the original product.


Blue Halo Lighting is a proven and effective way to create a safe environment for your employees and customers. This technology works by providing enhanced protection against viruses and bacteria that are responsible for causing illnesses and other health concerns. Blue Halo Lighting products are FDA and EPA approved, so you can be confident that they will protect your employees and customers from harmful pathogens.


StarGate is a space launch and range management system, offering end-to-end support for US Space Command rocket launches. The system was originally developed through the ARFL SBIR program and SBIR Phase III funding, undergoing significant development and operational testing before being granted the Authority to Operate (ATO). The system is currently deployed at the 45th Space Wing in Florida, and has been used in several space launches since its release. Blue Halo developed scheduling algorithms and CybelePro, the system that StarGate uses to manage rocket range operations.

Blue Halo offers a wide variety of space and ground-based solutions and computing systems for a variety of applications. The company’s Attitude Determination and Control products, for example, include encoder signal processors, torque rods, and drive control units. These products are all designed and manufactured in the United States. The company also offers Command & Data Handling products, including Transmission Data Formatters, Command and Telemetry Units, and Spacecraft Processors. Additionally, Blue Halo has cryptographic units that provide NSA Type 1 encryption.


Blue Halo develops and manufactures advanced space electronics and computing systems. These products include high-bandwidth, high-security space optical communications systems. These products are designed to meet the requirements of commercial space applications, overcome spectrum allocation challenges, and provide 100 to 1,000 times the bandwidth of conventional RF communications systems.

A decoder’s ACF is a measure of controllability, and it is important to understand that the higher the ACF falloff, the better the controllability. Thus, decoders that are designed for motor-imitation should fall off faster, which implies better controllability.

Drive Control Units

BlueHalo Drive Control Units are dual channel micro-stepping motor control components that provide the ability to change step size and drive current levels. They also feature a Three-Axis Magnetometer that provides complete magnetic field measurement capability. The magnetometer utilizes flux-gate sensor technology and has its own isolated power supply and electronics.

These products are designed for precise control of spacecraft maneuvers. They incorporate advanced algorithms and technologies for secure Command, Control & Communications. Blue Halo advanced solutions and technologies include high-performance space-based communications, multi-band multi-mission antenna systems, and advanced effects.

Three-axis magnetometers

MultiDimension Technology will soon be releasing new models of Three-Axis digital magnetometers. The USB-based magnetometers can connect directly to PCs or Android devices and are ideal for scientific research and educational programs. They can be used for two-dimensional and three-dimensional magnetic field mapping, material property research, and object detection.

The Go Direct 3-Axis Magnetic Field is designed to measure the magnitude and direction of a magnetic field in any location. The device can be easily pointed in the direction of the magnetic field to obtain a reading that will be meaningful for future analysis. The Go Direct 3-Axis Magnetic Field can connect to multiple sensors simultaneously with one charging station.

Attitude Determination and Control (ADC) products

Attitude Determination and Control (A/D) products are critical components for spacecraft. They ensure payload stability and accuracy and are essential for safe, efficient S/C operations. Blue Halo is a leader in space communications, delivering space-optical communications systems and solutions. Blue Halo systems engineers work across engineering disciplines to define requirements, design system architectures, and provide overall systems support for multiple programs.

ADCS is composed of a set of relative and absolute sensors. The sensors will provide constant access to attitude information. Actuators will adjust the attitude of the CubeSat to suit the mission. The ADCS controller (CTRL) has two objectives: to process data to provide reliable positioning information and to send commands to the ACT to correct the CubeSat’s attitude. Finally, the Interface module (INT) ensures proper communication with other systems.

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